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Digital transformation for your business


Gain control & visibility, increase efficiency, and sell smarter and faster with the world’s #1 CRM solution.

Marketing Automation

The future of marketing is a world of 1-to-1 business-customer interactions. Learn how to make these interactions work for you to generate more and better-qualified leads.

Business Intelligence

Empower your business to grow intelligently when you use live data to understand what your customers want. Drive innovation and achieve better outcomes with Business Intelligence.


More than just a filing cabinet for storing your data securely, the cloud is the workplace that lets you create, edit, collaborate on and access your documents anywhere and anytime.

Single Sign On

Easily access all your applications from one single login page to secure your data, automate licenses, and utilize user provisioning and deprovisioning faster, more efficiently and with total security.

Document Generation

Lighten the workload with a powerful engine that easily integrates into your existing infrastructure and automates the generation of your documents.

Human Resources

Streamline management systems, better manage employee records, and optimise hiring practices.

Online Sign Off

Make it easier and faster to negotiate contracts and close new deals, even with clients on the other side of the world, with Online Sign Off!

Specialised Industry Solutions

Because each business is unique with its own specific needs, Cloud Industry will start by taking the time to explore your particular objectives and challenges. Working together with you, we map out and build processes and then set up and integrate the right technology to achieve your vision – all conducted with full discretion and confidentiality and implemented with the most secure cloud systems to protect your business interests.

Since early in the 21st Century, specialists have been predicting a radical transformation of the education industry. That transformation is now upon us. The emergence of eLearning solutions, the MOB, the concept of reversing the classrooms, and the internationalisation of students have all had a considerable impact on the market.

However, very few education providers have really taken this opportunity and moved forward into this exciting new era, while even fewer have stepped into the process of rethinking the delivery of the education experience.

Cloud Industry is proud to be an IT partner that helps the largest Australian universities and TAFEs to step forward, embrace the new challenges, and deliver the future of education.

Our success rate and clients’ feedback not only prove that it is possible to introduce change in the education market, but also demonstrate that this change can be profitable and rolled out seamlessly.

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Regardless of what line of business you are in – fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining, distribution, industry services or utilities – Cloud Industry can provide the best cloud-based solutions to transform your ground-based industry.

We deploy, manage and maintain mobile apps to the field as well as managing complex quotes & contracts all from a single point of truth. With these solutions available around the world and around the clock, they are designed to meet the needs of global stakeholders so that you don’t need to invest in expensive and high-maintenance equipment.

By integrating systems and speeding up the sales cycle, we improve reporting & forecasting accuracy and bring accurate data to core business decisions

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With a strong track record in the Financial Sector, Cloud Industry counts multibillion-dollar investment funds, wealth managers, financial advisors & credit boutiques amongst our many satisfied clients.

Every client is a highly-valued partner whose information must be logged and whose data should be recorded in accordance with their strict industry regulations.

In response to the particular needs of the Financial Sector, we have developed a suite of value-added tools. Drawing on our hands-on experience in this field, we are able to help with the whole process, from initial discussions to change management, with all stakeholders.

In short, we help financial firms of all stripes put the customer at the centre of every interaction, helping to build both relationships and trust.

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Cloud Industry believes that engaging customers, increasing opportunities, and managing relationships with your customers are the keys to success in the insurance industry. With this understanding, our latest cloud technology has been developed to keep you covered with the best cloud insurance solution.

Many of our insurance industry clients benefit from a full business solution that includes Sales, Document Approval and Management, Contract Management and Case Management – all in the cloud.

With our proven track record, Cloud Industry has developed many long-term insurance industry partnerships that include managing multinational systems for some of the biggest names in insurance.

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Cloud-based strategies help manufacturers increase accuracy, improve process speed , and capitalise on their internal intelligence and knowledge to make every supplier, distributor, and service interaction count.

Moving to the cloud enables manufacturers to fully support their sales teams and partners, improve customer service & satisfaction, and identify common issues and solutions which can be incorporated into design revisions.

We collect data from multiple devices and systems into a single point of truth to gain real insights from your data, accelerate innovation and enhance your competitive strength.

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Reach a larger audience and become a leader in Media & Entertainment with smart cloud solutions that support broadcast media, digital media, outdoor media, print media, event organising and public speaking.

By enabling you to establish direct relationships with your digital and non-digital audiences, our cutting-edge software can help you deliver personalised customer experiences and develop new ways to generate revenue.

We can manage Ad Sales, subscriptions, customer service, and even content as well as migrating legacy systems into a single cloud solution to drive down maintenance and administration costs.

Reporting & Forecasting gives management full visibility on results to help drive better decisions that shape your organisation’s focus in an industry that is undergoing a constant revolution.

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Cloud Industry has a wealth of experience in the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector, having helped organisations large and small move to the cloud so that they are able to do more with less, grow their organisation and maximise its impact.

A single point of truth connects all your donors, donations, programs & projects, recipients and all stakeholders together so that you are able to communicate more effectively and raise more resources.

Cloud Industry provides an extensive range of cloud-based solutions for NFP organisations, helping you to raise more so that you can focus on helping those in need and giving back to your community.

We provide bespoke services based on the newest cloud solutions available on the market.

Helping you to do more with less is our business, so get in touch with us today and let’s start exploring the possibilities.

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Cloud Industry has an enviable track record in helping real estate companies and property developers realise the full potential of the cloud to transform their business and give them a competitive advantage.

Covering the full spectrum of real estate business requirements, our cloud solutions encompass the management of your lot and its approval by the council, the listing of your properties, their promotion online and on paper, the management of agents and resellers, their delivery, defect management, warranties and post sales service.

Businesses looking to expand need to have the right systems in place to ensure their growth is controlled, stable and sustainable. Cloud Industry can help put these systems into place and make sure that they continue to grow along with your company.

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How we work

Cloud begins the process by closely analysing your business objectives and challenges. Working together with you, we map out a plan, design the processes, and then set up & integrate the right technology to achieve your vision. All projects are conducted with full discretion and confidentiality, and we operate with the most secure cloud systems to protect your business interests.

Strategy & Initiation 

We work alongside you to define your digital transformation strategy. Together, we identify opportunities, propose solutions and prepare a rollout plan that is closely aligned with your business objectives

Process Mapping & Scoping

Utilising our expertise in business process streamlining, we analyse your business, your objectives and its priorities and then help you design the perfect technology solution within your budget and timeframe. Our architects build the plan of your future before we review it together.


The execution phase is the technical stage of your project. During this phase, our developers and engineers prepare your system, integrate the solutions and get the job done for you.

Going Live and Beyond…

The launch phase is the final step of your project. During this phase, we will load your final live data and set up connections to your external production systems.

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