Similar to a number of other cloud solutions, Cloud Realty is a Salesforce based platform that provides for greater oversight and control of your business. Specifically focused upon real estate management, the centralised system allows you to manage your entire portfolio with the click of a mouse. Whether it’s projects, listings, sales or customer enquiries that you want to manage, Cloud Reality has the relevant functionalities available. Cloud Realty can also be used to administer marketing campaigns or even create your own mobile app. No matter what you need to help your realty business run more smoothly and efficiently, Cloud Reality has you covered.

Cloud Realty Solution

What are the benefits of Cloud Realty?

Improved Visibility
The Salesforce Cloud Realty solution gives you 360-degree visibility of your business in one single interface. Keep on top of the needs of your current and prospective clients and make sure that your property portfolio brings in maximum returns.

Increased Efficiency
In order to reduce the time spent on necessary yet laborious administrative tasks, Cloud Realty’s automation functions will help you to increase efficiency and subsequently boost your bottom line.

Enhance Customer Relationships
Deliver communication tools that speak to your customers and will prompt them to stay engaged. Our Cloud Realty technology makes it effortless to create your own mobile app, a tool that’ll allow you to keep in touch with your customers and will surely set you apart from your competitors.